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Who on my friends list posted about Parasite by Mira Grant?

I'm enjoying it immensely and I want to say thank you, but I can't remember who sold me on it in the first place!

Edit: it was alasen, thanks againnn! :D


Busy bee

A lot's been going on since our con, so I may as well put it all in one post.

I finally drew another thing for Are You Game! I'm replaying the 3DS port of Tales of the Abyss, so this request really came around at the right time and I enjoyed drawing it immensely.

Next up, I'm working on a zine submission for a couple of friends. They're putting together a protest zine about consent in response to a local zine fair being named "Blurred Lines". If you have time to put together a short art or text submission by this Wednesday (Aussie time), I encourage you to do so! I'm also going to try and help them with distribution/fundraising at cons this year.

The organisers of Oz Comic-Con Sydney said I can't sell my 18+ comics in the artist alley despite all of the measures we take, almost entirely due to "think of the children". If you are an artist or fan of comics for mature readers I'd recommend thinking carefully about supporting any of their events, no matter how many Benedict Cumberbatch sideshows in misspelled venues they try to entice you with. Now that Animania's finally kicking the bucket, I guess this is the new "convention that doesn't exist".

My con attendance plans for the rest of 2014 are as follows:

April: Supanova Gold Coast
May: Super Comic City Osaka 99 (maybe?! just as an attendee)
June: sinpozium (attendee), Supanova Sydney
August: SMASH!, ZICS
September: a possible side event for Room 801
October: PAX AUS (attendee)

Yerp, I still like Tekken. A cool person wrote me totally NSFW JinLars fic! And the Tekken Kink Meme is back in business! After I finish my zine submission I'm going back to the doujinshi, because I really want to release it this year ;A;

The obligatory end of year post


Whut, it's the end of another year... and I've made less than ten posts during 2013. GOOD WORK, ME.

This template's been great so I'm just going to use it again!

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Have a happy new year when it comes around!

9th Oct, 2013

Oh Internets, I think we're gonna have to agree to disagree on Killer is Dead. jokersama and I both enjoyed the game immensely, and we've spent our shared waking hours this week just digging into all the references and sharing our theories on the story. This just doesn't happen in fandom any more; I think it's because audiences don't value being widely read, so really intense intertextuality is no longer a priority in modern entertainment.

Yes, the gigolo missions are ridiculous, but they also felt like a direct take-off of the ping-pong minigame in the Yakuza series, the give-present-get-laid dating mechanics of Harvest Moon and the over-the-top sexuality of a Bond film. Did those missions make a legion of male game reviewers squirm? All of the other misogynist stuff that occurs in life should make them squirm too; it's just not always so easy to identify.

jokersama and I also like Kanye West and think he has meaningful things to say, so maybe this is just us being weird. But you might want to filter my KID reblogs/shitposting on tumblr because it's probably going to happen a lot.



I finished Tales of Xillia. Porn will probably happen as a result.


I'm taking submissions for the first issue of Noble Rot in four years! The deadline is a month away, so we'll all have to get cracking (me included).

Tickets are on sale for Room 801, which is shaping up to be pretty amazing!

I'll be at Brisbane Supanova to promote both of the above, so if you're planning to be there, tell meeee :D

Make your vote count this Saturday

Crossposted from my Tumblr because this is pretty important! (Who even reads this thing?)

This has been a pretty awful election campaign and I know a lot of people are disillusioned, but you should try to make an informed vote to make a difference at the local level! A lot of interesting shit went down at the last couple of elections aside from all the leadership spill nonsense, so your vote definitely does count.

You may not be sure which leader you want to vote for, but you (hopefully) know what issues are important to you. Here are some links you may find useful, especially now that it’s down to the final week.

  • Virgin Voters - a website for first-time voters

  • Electorate Guide - an ABC database with detailed profiles of each electorate and lists of candidates

  • Vote Compass - an ABC data analysis tool that shows how your opinions align with the major parties

  • Below The Line - uses AEC preference data to generate a personal how-to-vote card that you can take with you to the polling booth; also useful just to see where each party’s preferences flow

Once you have your results, read up on your local and Senate candidates to see how you feel about them. They’ll have a profile on their party website.

There are various shiny infographic and fact-checking sites out there, but you can find those yourselves and they have their own biases too. The above links are more about organising way too much information into something that’s easier for you to digest.

And finally, if you’re not sure about any aspect of voting, the AEC staff at the polling booth will be able to help you. You also don’t have to accept a how to vote card from anyone, but if you want to vote specifically for a major/minor party you can pretty much follow what’s on the card. You can give back your card/s to the volunteers afterwards, they’ll be happily accepted!


I drew this two-page comic based on a passage from the first Yukikaze book about Rei and Jack's first meeting. The accompanying quote is from the second book, but it's spoiler-free.

Page 1

Page 2

Getting punched for no reason and stifling the complaint is part of being in the military. I’d think knowing why you were being hit is better, not that I have any experience with that.

- Captain Rei Fukai, Good Luck, Yukikaze

We're doing convention recon today, mostly food-related! I'm planning to work on some promo art/design stuff when I get back, then will hopefully continue with the Lars/Jin doujinshi.

Because LJ is for fandom flailing

Hi I'm back for some fandom flailing :DDD

sinpozium was a total blast and it was so much fun hanging out with aphephobia and sb_mcinnes for the weekend! As usual, I gained an interest in way too many things as usual, and felt less bad about being as interested as I am in the stupid things that I'm interested in. (That sentence is bad and wrong on purpose.) And it was wonderful to meet familiar and new faces again too! 2013 is shaping up to be a crazy year, but I will try to haul my butt to a slash meetup in between all of the other stuff that's happening.

I don't know what caused this, but Yukikaze fandom has sucked me right back in. I bought both of the novels on the Kindle store a month or two ago, started reading them on my occasional train trips and the entire canon crystallised for me in the most beautiful way. I'm about halfway through Good Luck, Yukikaze and tentatively poked at the anime and manga again and they mean SO MUCH MORE. I'm not touching them again until I finish reading because gawd, having the scenes from the book in my head is making everything awesome.

The novels are the best part but I think it's making it harder to enjoy the (barely existent) fandom... I read one supposed fix-it fic that most assuredly did not fix shit, written by someone who admits that they detest the anime. The fluff/smut actually does a better job of fix-it, but tends to paint Rei as a delicate young lady when he really, really isn't one. I love Yumi Tada's art, but I'm sad that she took Jack's scar away in her anime character designs and gave him a pornstache in the manga. @_@ So my contributions to fandom are most likely going to be an unapologetic mashup of these three strands of canon and I don't care because I'm flailing ok.

I fell into this before news broke that Tom Cruise is starring in a movie adaptation, mind you. I wouldn't normally have strong feelings about it, but if he's got a leading role he's either whitewashing the main character or assuming the role of a strapping blond ex-pilot with a faint British accent, and somehow neither of these scenarios seems to fit! It's particularly unfortunate because there's some amazing psychological horror in the novels that would convert to film beautifully, and aarrrhghg why do I have to see a Tom Cruise movie to see what's happened to it?!

A recent exchange

fluffyduck: heyyy
amei: heyy
amei: sorry I was having dinner
fluffyduck: it's okay!
fluffyduck: I was hoping to wait until I saw you in person to tell you this but it's too exciting
amei: oh?
fluffyduck: I'm running a yaoi convention. =A=
amei: oh my god I thought you were gonna tell me you were pregnant.

So, um, yeah. Room 801 is a thing that aphephobia and I are doing. Please fill in our survey and help spread the word? :D;;;

24th Feb, 2013

Producing anything in colour has been a struggle for a while now, but yesterday I spent most of the day painting.

The content is extremely predictable, just sayin'. It was fun to make though!

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